Fluids and Barriers of the CNS is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal that considers manuscripts on all CNS fluids and barrier systems in health and disease.


  • Lester R Drewes, University of Minnesota
  • Hazel C Jones, King's College London
  • Richard F Keep, University of Michigan

Fluids and Barriers of the CNS is affiliated to the International Brain Barriers Society (IBBS).


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Editors' profiles

Lester R. Drewes, Editor-in-Chief

Lester R. Drewes PhD

Lester Drewes is currently Professor and Head of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Minnesota Duluth Medical School, and President of the International Brain Barriers Society. He also directs the Academic Health Center Duluth graduate programs and chairs the Brain Barriers Research Center advisory committee. Professor Drewes' research interests are in the cell and molecular biology of blood-brain transport and metabolism.

Hazel C. Jones, Editor-in-Chief

Hazel C. Jones PhD

Hazel Jones is currently Courtesy Research Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Florida, and Visiting Research Associate, Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, King's College London. She received a BSc degree in Physiology (University College London), MSc in pharmacology (Oxford) and PhD in Zoology (University of Hull). In 1988 she moved from Hull to King's College London and in 1991 she moved to the University of Florida as Research Professor. In 2004 she returned to the UK, retired from research and started as Editor in Chief of the journal Fluids and Barriers of the CNS (previously Cerebrospinal Fluid Research).

Richard F. Keep, Editor-in-Chief

Tetsuya Terasaki PhD

Richard Keep is currently Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery and in the Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology at the University of Michigan. He is also Director of the Crosby Neurosurgical Laboratories and Associate Chair for Research in Neurosurgery. His main research areas are transport at the blood-brain and blood-CSF barriers, effects of neurological disorders on the barriers, and hemorrhagic and ischemic brain injury (stroke).

Society information

The International Brain Barriers Society (IBBS) is an international scientific and educational non-profit organisation. The main purpose of the IBBS is:

  •  encourage, promote and advocate scientific and clinical research on the biological barriers in the central nervous system (CNS).
  •  To accumulate information about barriers in the CNS and promote its dissemination to scientists, physicians, patients, policy makers, public and private funding agencies and other concerned parties.
  •  To educate the general public and medical profession about the existence, diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving the barriers of the CNS.


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